Social responsibility

Social objective

In Coflex we care about being a socially responsible company, we work every day for the commitment we have to our staff, the community and the environment.

We constantly seek to improve the lives of each of our employees with actions such as continuation and/or completion of their studies, training courses, lectures in human and family development, recreation and sports, as well as ensuring good working conditions. We are an Equal Opportunity Company and also have the Family Friendly Company recognition, both titles awarded to us by the “Secretaría del Trabajo y Previsión Social” in the state government.

We support different civil associations, where children in vulnerable situations are the main premise of our social responsibility program. We have an ongoing campaign together with the “Tigers Soccer Club”, where we make financial contributions to institutions that support children with disabilities.

We also have special programs with “Instituto Down de Monterrey AC” and “Andares AC” where we give employment opportunities to disabled adults.

Related to the environment we have various campaigns, such as reforestation campaigns. Our manufacturing processes are eco friendly, which is how we obtained the “Clean Industry” recognition by state governments.